Commission Work

I would love to talk to you if you there is a building you would like to see ‘Lego-ized!’

Homes: ‘Lego-ing’ a beautiful house is a wonderful way to celebrate your home or give a fun, memorable, and meaningful housewarming gift or just to someone who his or her home. A Lego model of a house can also make a wonderful holiday centerpiece, and can be a great gift to a family, either someone else’s or your own! Also, a portion of the proceeds goes into my ‘public building fund’ (see below).

Public Buildings: My first love is modeling public buildings such as libraries and public school buildings. These are the most important structures that we have, and we should celebrate them with art! I am quite willing to work with groups to figure out ways to fund such projects since I understand that can be a challenge. Together, we can work on grants, fundraising, or whatever other avenues we brainstorm. I also retain a portion of proceeds from private commissions to help pay for bricks for low resource commissions.

Educational Programming: I love to work with schools and libraries on educational programming. Lego is a great medium for engaging young people, and all sorts of creative avenues can be explored. I taught public school for 19 years; once a teacher, always a teacher!

Donations: If you would like to donate, let’s talk about some historic buildings that you like. Perhaps your donation could be used to seed a campaign to memorialize one of your favorite structures. Helping fund a model of a local public school, for example, could make a wonderful gift for that school, one that the young people there would not soon forget. I am also very into donations of the brick kind. If the kids are all grown up and you have a box in the basement, please consider giving me a shout! Again, these bricks could be used to seed a public building commission, and there is something very righteous about modeling a building beloved by a community with the bricks from the basements of people in the community.

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