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Rhode Island’s old public schools are remarkably beautiful, but unlike many of the state’s other architectural gems like the Newport mansions, they were not built for or by the important and wealthy. They were built and used by the People of the state!

Too often, these buildings are neglected until they are in such poor shape that it is cheaper to raze and rebuild than to preserve them. This is sadly common for public schools, whereas, in private education, it is rare. In the world of private education, children are educated in beautiful, historic buildings. Public schools were once built this way, so why cannot this be a universal privilege?

This project evidences to the people of Rhode Island that their public edifices are beautiful to the point of artistic depiction and are a piece of the state’s unique, historic identity. The desired outcome is increase Rhode Islanders’ appreciation of their historic school buildings and other buildings that serve as shared cultural landmarks. As a result of this outcome, appreciation for these sites will be translated into public investment and a return to their prominence in the public eye.

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