Another Snowy Day

Over the past few months, I got a couple of large donations – in LEGO! Thanks so much to the Ryan family from Cranston and Liz Gutauco from the Cumberland Public Library for giving me over 50 lbs of Lego bricks each! Like a lot of people, the Ryans had boxes of bricks in the basement from when their kids were young and now weren’t really sure what to do with them … until they saw one of my models on display! Similarly, Liz (a librarian at the Cumberland Public Library) had organized young adult library programming around a large Lego donation she had received. Liz read about my project, and when her programming finished up, she decided to pass on the donation! There’s a lot of sorting to do, and over the past few months, I’ve only been able to do a little here and there. A snowy February break day was perfect to get a big chunk out of the way.

It also helped that my car is in the shop getting a new clutch 🙂

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