JUNE 27, 2022

I had a fantastic time visiting the Carl G. Lauro School in Providence and presenting them with the model they had commissioned. The students and teachers were wonderful, and I loved getting to see more of this landmark architectural Providence gem.

JUNE 12, 2022

I had a great time at PVDFest showing a sneak preview of my work for the North Main Street Corridor Revitalization Study. The study is suggesting ways that development and transport could be improved along the North Main Street Corridor. My sneak preview depicted the Whole Foods Plaza, but as a dense, pedestrian-centered development.

JUNE 2, 2022

I had a fantastic time creating a model of Union Station in Providence. The model was commissioned by the current occupant of this distinguished building, the Rhode Island Foundation, for their annual meeting. After a display at the Convention Center, the model was moved to Union Station and is on permanent display. People can view the model on a limited basis; call ahead to the RI Foundation to check.

APRIL 18, 2022

WPRI, a Rhode Island news station, did a great story on my work! Check it out!

MARCH 9, 2022

Andrew Stevens, a documentary film student at Brown University, made a short video of my work. I’m flattered, and I really enjoyed the film! Check it out on my Facebook page:


JANUARY 29, 2022

Quite a blizzard raging today! Enjoy some pics of a model of a house on Chapin Street. I’m not sure of the history of the house, but it is an early multi-family before the ubiquitous ‘double parlor’ style one sees all over Providence. The style seems ‘Second Empire-ish’ so it was perhaps built after the lovely Providence City Hall. I imagine the new city hall touched off a wave of buildings in that style.

JANUARY 10, 2022

Model of a house on Thomas Street, Providence. I’m guessing the house is pre-Civil War, and the style is conservative Greek Revival, still somewhat Federal. But I’m an amateur architectural historian, so feel free to correct me!

JANUARY 7, 2022

I am super happy to announce that later this year, I will be doing a LEGO Artist Residency with the Warrior Run School District in Pennsylvania! Warrior Run is building a beautiful new school and has commissioned me to model their new building in LEGO. Additionally, I will be working with students who will be creating the ‘landscaping’ and other portions of the final installation; it will be a great educational experience in geometry, planning, teamwork, hearing and giving feedback, and working on a schedule. Depicted here is simply a ‘mock up’ of the foyer portion of the building. The final model will take up close to a 6 ft x 6 ft footprint!

JANUARY 2, 2022

Happy New Year! Check out the new ‘Commission Work’ Tab if there is a building you would like to see in Lego!

DECEMBER 30, 2021

Check out some pics of a model of the Armory on North Main Street in Providence. As with the Weybosset model, this is a ‘study’ for an upcoming project that will involve a lot of Providence-inspired buildings!

DECEMBER 27, 2021

Check out some pics of a model of a building on Weybosset Street in downtown Providence. This is part of some prep work for a large upcoming project. As more construction occurs in Providence, let’s look to buildings like these with good ‘Providence character’ to inform new development!


Check out some of the neato Providence home models I’ve been making!


Check out my model of the Providence Public Library at … the Providence Public Library!

Visit the library’s website for hours, directions, protocols, etc … https://www.provlib.org/

Since the model is in the 3rd Floor Gallery where installations are in progress, CALL AHEAD to see if/when the gallery is publicly accessible.

Visit the ‘Projects‘ portion of my website to read more about the model!

Rhode Island Lego Artist

I am on a strange mission: modeling Rhode Island’s beautiful old public buildings in Lego!

Rhode Island’s old public buildings are remarkably beautiful, but unlike many of the state’s other architectural gems like the Newport mansions, they were not built for or by the important and wealthy. They were built and used by the People of the state!